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A look into how Halo 3's Forge works

Dustin Burg

Over on our second cousin thrice removed lukems posted an introductory and advanced set of how-to articles on Halo 3's Forge map editor. And, from the looks of things, the Forge seems to be an easy beast to tame and should allow anyone to pick it up and futz around with ease. Of course, there are the controls which may take a little getting used to (as with anything) and a few advanced options, but it looks intuitive enough and should allow anyone to become the map editing God they strive to be. The two articles are an informative look into the world of Halo 3 Forge fun, so get on over to that there and get your read on. Yah hear?

[Thanks, Stubby Boardman and DjDATZ]

Read - Basic Forge stuff
Read - Advanced Forge stuff

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