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Mizuguchi doesn't say much about Wii Space Channel 5


Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft interviewed Tetsuya Mizuguchi during a demo of the Xbox Live Arcade version of Rez, and managed to talk about the Wii. We're grateful for this, for two reasons:
  1. It allows us to link to this interview about a possible Rez sequel and other general Miz wonderfulness, and
  2. we have been reminded that Space Channel 5 exists, and there is an extremely slim, but non-zero, chance that a sequel could come out.
About a possible Wii sequel to Space Channel 5, Mizuguchi said-- well, nothing about Space Channel 5, just a general outpouring of love for the Wii. However, we'd like to posit that since the Miz has partnered with Sega again for Rez, there's a ray of hope for future Mizuguchi games in Sega-owned properties.

We'd also like to mention that this slim chance of a Space Channel 5 sequel would be an absolute certainty if more of you had bought the Dreamcast game, or the Playstation 2 rerelease. We've seen Space Channel 5 Special Edition brand new for $5, just sitting on the shelf. That's on you. Space Channel 5 owners: we're cool.

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