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Sidekick Slide hits the FCC, user's manual and all

Chris Ziegler

Previously leaked shots of Motorola's Sidekick Slide were met with a lukewarm reception -- take your pick of complaints from the bizarre color scheme, the unfortunate looking keypad, the lack of a swivel display, or the fact that there's little technological improvement here over the Sidekick 3 -- and we've gotta say, the FCC's unflattering shots aren't doing it any favors. For what it's worth, though, you can now peruse the user's manual of the upcoming release for T-Mobile, a device that'll launch alongside the arguably more desirable Sidekick LX from Danger's more seasoned hardware partner, Sharp. Besides some enthralling instructions on how to apply pressure to the display to slide it open, there's not much here of interest; one thing we noted was a blurb on page 7 referring to the device as the Hiptop 4, but we're guessing there's still some draft cleanup to do and it'll likely revert to Sidekick Slide branding throughout by the time it hits the presses.

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