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Blu-ray, HD DVD players to appear in panel discussion

Steven Kim

It looks like the Blu-ray / HD DVD format war isn't about to end soon. Worse still, it's hard to separate real information from rhetoric on the state of the battle. We're hoping that some things come to light on October 10 though, at a panel discussion on HD media formats at the DisplaySearch HDTV Conference. The session, titled "The Format War Is Over! No Wait, This Just In...", is the conference opener, so you know they've lined up a good panel. There are heavyweights representing both formats, and promised topics of discussion include some pretty pointed questions: "Is consumer adoption where the industry expected, and what will it take to motivate more to buy?"; "Will the Paramount defection prolong the format war?"; and "When will the collective power of the 190 Blu-ray Disc companies actually begin to demonstrate its clout?" We're pulling for the moderator to keep the panel honest and on-point. Any predictions on what will come out of the session?

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