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Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer leaks onto net

Justin McElroy

Wow. Just wow. You probably don't need to hear any more from us and we're sure that the MGS nuts among you will have plenty to say about the minutiae of this leaked Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer on GameVideos from TGS. But, just in case, we've picked out some choice bits to highlight with everyone's favorite bit of punctuation: The exclamation point.

Meryl! Roadblock! Old Snake's pulling a gun on Gollum! Oh, and Gollum is drinking a Coke! ... And he's apparently friends with Wesley Snipes' character from Demolition Man! Hey, there's Jeff Goldblum! Eye Have You! An actual Metal Gear! Wow, we wish we could speak Japanese! (Wait, we don't need to!)

So ... did we miss anything?

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