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PlayStation Store heads to your PC -- Home delayed until 2008


We could get used to this new effort on Sony's part at "openness," and even if this one's just a new way to access Sony's closed ecosystem of PlayStation Store content, it's a start at least. You can now use your humdrum, maybe-not-even-Sony-built PC to purchase and download PlayStation Store content -- including PSOne games -- and transfer it to your PSP, instead of relying on a 'spensive PS3 to do the trick. Sony has been promising this function for a few months now, but they've finally delivered, and apparently you can get in on the action today, at least in Japan. Also announced at TGS07 is future PSP Remote Play functionality (pictured) that allows you to turn on and off your PS3, and the ability to use your PS3 as a hub while PSPs act as a second screen, extra controllers and offer other networked functionality. No word on when these fanboy dreams will see light as a true-life firmware update. Oh, and before you get to thinking that the PSP is getting all the love here, Sony also announced a new function for Home called "dress," with "everybody's fashion entertainment" for a tag line. Whatever that means, Sony's going to be delaying the launch of Home into 2008, so we can't say we're exactly stoked about the new feature.

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