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Rejected: Halo 3 lotto tickets and Cortana lingerie


Much has been said about the positively massive advertising campaign for Halo 3. Commercials, books, toys, product tie-ins, race cars: Halo 3 is everywhere. It seems anyone and everyone is eager to get a little Halo cross-promotion going, Hell, even banks are starting to catch the fever. Sure, we know that Microsoft is keen to help the series transcend the gamer ghetto and jump out into the mainstream, but what's more interesting is the number of products that Microsoft hasn't allowed. According to Reuters, Microsoft has actually been very careful to make sure that Halo merchandise is relevant so that the company doesn't "piss off" millions of fans.

To that end, Microsoft has rejected more than a few merchandising ideas. Among them are (no kidding) Halo 3 lottery tickets, toy guns (as opposed to replicas), and (no, seriously) lingerie themed after the game's sassy holographic AI, Cortana. Good call, Microsoft. Good call.

[Via Joystiq]

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