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360 demand catches up with Wii


Compete is reporting that during the month of August demand for the Xbox 360 caught up with demand for Nintendo's wunderkind, the Wii. Now, before you all start shouting that the Wii handily outsold the Xbox 360 in August, let's define the word "demand." According to Compete, which analyzes internet traffic patterns, demand is equivalent to "people shopping consoles at SKU level pages." From what we can tell, that means the number of people that could conceivably press "Add to Cart" and find themselves the happy owner of a new console. According to Compete, the Wii saw a decline in demand during the month of August, whereas the Xbox 360 saw a marked increase. These two changes caused the demand for both consoles to rest at just under 600,000 shoppers each. Of course, what's interesting isn't so much that the demand is equal, but that demand for the 360 is rising. Whether or not this represents a longterm trend, we'll have to wait and see. Then again, given the impending release of Halo 3, we're willing to bet that the 360 demand will increase again in September.

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