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Microsoft not punishing Halo 3 selling Argos

Dustin Burg

Recently, UK retailer Argos was thrusted into the internet spotlight due to their total lack of bookkeeping skills which resulted in the open sale of Halo 3 a week before the game's launch. This kind of error usually comes with huge consequences from the supplier (Microsoft) who usually threatens to withdraw support from any company who breaks product street dates. But good news for Argos, because Microsoft is in a forgiving mood.

Talking to, Microsoft acknowledged their disappointment with retailer Argos, but was happy to see that they were quick to respond to the early Halo 3 sale and took steps to prevent things like this from happening in the future. As a result, Microsoft came to the conclusion that they don't believe there "was any malice [intent] on the part of Argos at all" and that "it was just an honest mistake". So, that's it, they're off the hook and hopefully learned their lesson. But if we were Microsoft we'd totally make them do all of our chores for the next month as punishment. Then we'd see who breaks street dates ... then we'd see.

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