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Mossberg reviews the iPod touch (he likes it)

Scott McNulty

If there was a grand poobah of tech journalists it would Walt Mossberg, the tech columnist for the Wall Street Journal. His opinion can make, or break, a product. Luckily for Apple Walt tends to love their stuff, and the iPod touch is no exception.

The iPod touch gets high praise for its iPod functionality, and the mobileSafari addition is welcome. Walt also enjoyed the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store (which I am anxiously awaiting on my iPhone). There are some things he didn't like, though. The battery life fell short of Apple's specs, and the lack of physical controls (the iPhone has physical volume controls) makes it tough to use the iPod touch when it isn't in your hand. The lack of a mail program also gets Walt's goat, but he chalks it up to Apple not wanting to compete too much with the more expensive iPhone (which has a mail program built in).

TUAW readers, are you enjoying your iPod touch as much as Walt?

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