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TGS07: Lost Odyssey is crazy big: 4 DVDs, 50 hours


Japanese developer Mistwalker apparently looks at larger storage capacities as some sort of challenge. Unsatisfied by the three discs of DVD content filled with their previous RPG Blue Dragon, Mistwalker has announced that the upcoming epic Lost Odyssey will span four DVDs, reminding us that razor blades aren't the only medium that benefits from a steady increase in quantity.

The four discs are stuffed with a 40-to-50-hour RPG adventure, told using a mixture of CG and real-time cutscenes. Also contributing to the bloating are separate audio tracks for Japanese and English voices, allowing us to switch to the Japanese languages when we inevitably grow tired of the awful anglicized voice-acting (see also: Soul Calibur). Lost Odyssey is due out in Japan in early December, with the North American and European releases pushed to February 2008.

[Via AMN]

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