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TGS07: NiGHTS gameplay video swoops in to save the day


It's no secret that Wii games (heck, insert your Nintendo system of choice there, really) often look better in motion than they do in screenshots. Even Metroid Prime 3 had its jagged moments in stills pre-release, but once we saw it in our living rooms, all doubts and questions disappeared forever. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that NiGHTS looks absolutely amazing in this latest gameplay footage. Sure, we've seen some real inconsistencies in screenshots, but this footage is not only lush and beautiful, but it serves as a lovely send-up of the original.

We've read a lot of impressions from various sources this morning as well, and people seem universally pleased with the title, except for one issue -- the framerate seems a little slow. Otherwise, the game seems to move and control like a dream. One of our Joystiq operatives on the spot reports that reps on hand stated that there are no motion controls in the game, but we're also being told that there may be multiple control schemes. We hope to clarify just exactly what's going on here soon.

[Via NeoGAF]

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