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The Eye of Judgment to be released Oct. 23 for $70

Chris Powell

While Sony still has some work to do to explain Afrika, Mark Valledor, SCEA marketing manager, thought it was about time to shed some light on The Eye of Judgment, so he posted a new video and five things you don't know about the game on the official PlayStation blog. For your reading pleasure, I've condensed it all into a few sentences.

The game, which features the word judgment with only one "e" in its title, will be released for $70 on Oct. 23 in North America, followed by a global launch later in the month. Yes, it will be bundled with the PlayStation Eye, and expansion packs will be available to buy further down the line.

Lastly, Sony has implemented a system to disallow online cheating by forcing users to register their decks offline. Their decks will then be available to be chosen when they play against an online opponent and will be randomly shuffled and drawn by the game. Players will then have to play their corresponding physical cards in the "real" world.

For a much more in-depth explanation, keep reading on.

[Thanks, Ruben!]

  1. The Eye of Judgment will be priced at $70 and will include the game, PlayStation Eye, the battle mat, a starter deck that includes 30 Summoning and four Function cards and a booster pack that contains eight random Summoning cards with one rare or ultra-rare guaranteed to be packed in.
  2. Sony's virtual card game will ship in North America Oct. 23, followed by a global launch at the end of October.
  3. Further down the line, expansion packs will be introduced that promise to bring gamers more powerful creatures and spells that will alter gameplay mechanics to keep the game "fresh."
  4. Sony already has a plan to keep gamers from cheating online. Before playing online, you will have to register your Summoning deck offline. Then, when you log in online, select your desired deck and are paired against your foe, the game will automatically shuffle your deck and randomly select which cards are drawn through the game itself. You will then be forced to draw the selected card from your physical deck and play said card.
  5. Lastly, much to the chagrin of UK gamers, the title definitely has no "e" in judgment, which is the common spelling found in the Bible, according to Wikipedia.
Valledor also noted Summoning cards will be available for purchase by Wizards of the Coast in booster packs and pre-constructed theme decks for $3.75 and $15, respectively.

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