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Today in Joystiq: September 20, 2007

Ross Miller

More than a few readers sent us word about these gamer tattoos above that were featured on Albotas. (Higher-res: invader, invincibility star). The owner of the inkage, Robby, told us the history of each tattoo. The invincibility star was a Valentine's Day present from his girlfriend in 2006, while the Space Invader tattoo was actually a gift from his mom for his 22nd birthday, also in 2006.

"Every year theres a tattoo convention called Forged in Ink in my humble little city of Reading, PA and that's where the tattoo was done," he told Joystiq. "I got it because I've always been a fan of shooter games, especially the bullet hell games, and Space Invaders is like the grandpappy of all shooters."

Check out the highlights for today:

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