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It is a last gen feature; DualShock 3 same tech as DualShock 2


Remember when Sony's Phil Harrison called rumble a "last generation feature?" Well, can't call the man a liar because he was absolutely right! GameDaily BIZ confirmed with Sony today that the technology in the recently announced DualShock 3 is identical to that in the DualShock 2. So anybody expecting Immersion's next-gen rumble technology can just let those dreams pass into the ether.

As for battery life, the DualShock 3 will last approximately 15 hours with the rumble feature on, and 30 hours (the same as the Sixaxis) with it off. As for the DualShock 3 replaces the Sixaxis, Sony Corporate Communications' Kimberly Otzman says, "Nothing has been decided yet, stay tuned." The natural assumption would be the DualShock 3 will replace the Sixaxis across the board by holiday '08, but don't expect any announcements like that until early next year.

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