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Pirates leak Halo 3 onto internet

Justin McElroy

When you rush in on Sept. 25 to finish the fight with the Covenant, don't be surprised if the fight has already been finished ... by pirates. is reporting that Halo 3 has already leaked onto warez sites (if the kids are still calling them that) in the form of a 6.14 gigabyte that is, unsurprisingly, dowloading like proverbial hotcakes for play on modded 360s.

Now, we who will both wait and pay for the game must trudge through the pirates who got there first lining the streets asleep, their bellies thick with grog, their pockets fat with $60 bills from all the games they haven't bought. But take heart, dear reader. You won't just be getting satisfaction from playing Gallant to their earringed, tri-corner hatted Goofus. You can also take comfort that, though they might have gotten there first, not a single one of those pirates will get a cat helmet.

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