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Tokyo, San Francisco, New York: we're looking for spots to host meetups

Ryan Block, @ryan

Engadget fans in Tokyo, San Francisco, and New York! We're scheduling our next round of reader meetups in your cities, but we need your help in finding a good spot. If you've got a good suggestion of some place that will put up with the motley likes of us and our crowd, please do let us know below in comments.

Likewise, if you have a space and you're willing to hook us up, please get in touch (email event at engadget dawt com). We'll do our best to make it worth your while. Here are the dates we're looking at:

Tokyo - October 4th (we're expecting this one to be relatively smallish), more here for our Japanese audience
San Francisco - October 10th (we're figuring a few hundred)
New York - October 29th or 30th (also figuring a few hundred)

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