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UK PSP-2000 launch surges sales

Chris Powell

Although sales of the PSP slowed to a crawl in the weeks before the PSP-2000 launched in the United Kingdom, all is forgiven thanks to Sony's new handheld, which help push 17,000 units in its first week.

According to a Sony representative, the PSP-2000, which launched in the UK Sept. 14, sold four times what the "old" PSPs did in the previous week. "We are very happy with the launch of Slim and Lite," a Sony rep said to MCV. "We expected sales in previous weeks to be low as we moved old stock through the channel."

As you all know, the next hurdle for Sony is to continue the momentum its built. But with so many great games on the horizon, the PSP-2000 could very well be the big hit this Christmas.

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