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DirecTV 10 is online, but still no new HD channels

Ben Drawbaugh

The 19th has come and gone and there still aren't any new HD channels on DirecTV. They've even updated their HD website indicating October is the month to expect more HD -- that's not stopping us from checking for new channels vigorously. It's not all bad news, as DirecTV 10 is transmitting a few HD test channels, which are not only encouraging, but also gives us the opportunity to ensure our setup is ready whenever DirecTV 10 is. Of course you need an MPEG4 STB, Ka/Ku dish, but you also need a b-band converter. It might be worth it to check out the test channels for yourself, as some are just now realizing they have a bad b-band converter or incompatible multi-switch. To help discover your exact problem tune to channel 498, 480 and 481 -- check out the pics after the jump to know what to expect -- and if you can't see what we see, then head over to for some help.

Channel 480 B-Band test for odd transponders.

Channel 481 B-Band test for even transponders.

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