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Page through Halo 3's game manual online

Dustin Burg

In an effort to kill two marketing birds with one stone, Microsoft posted the Halo 3 game manual online yesterday using their brand new (Flash and Java killing) Silverlight app. This of course means you can page through the game manual from the comforts of your computer a few days before you get the real thing in your mitts, but truth be told we opted to not look through this online version. We like holding our game manuals and paging through them when launch day comes, it's sort of like a side surprise ... a ritual of sorts. Oh, like we said, Microsoft is promoting their new Silverlight flash-esque web app, so you'll only be able to view the Halo 3 game manual once you install the Silverlight plugin into a compatible internet browser. Yes, it sucks, but the hoops are worth jumping if you need your Halo 3 manual viewing. Commence Silverlight install ... now!

[Thanks, rTwelve]

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