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Pioneer and Sharp team up on Blu-ray, other products

Darren Murph

Hot on the heels of Mitsubishi and Pioneer teaming up on LTH BD-Rs, along comes Sharp to give Pioneer yet another ally. According to a recent announcement, Sharp and Pioneer have "entered into a business and capital alliance agreement" that will utilize resources of both firms to potentially benefit the pair. Interestingly, the partnership describes a number of key areas in which collaboration will take place, and aside from network-related gizmos, in-car electronics and the development of new "audio-visual products," the only area left is the "next-generation DVD field." Reportedly, the two are hoping to "develop new next-generation DVD related products" by utilizing Sharp's blue-violet laser diode and Pioneer's optical disk technology. Of course, only time will tell what impact this will (or won't) have. [Warning: PDF read link]


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