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Wii Warm Up: Concerns of corruption


No, not that kind of corruption, but rather the corruption of data. See, we're pretty big Virtual Console junkies around here. As such, we're constantly moving games from our Wii's built-in memory to our SD card, but recently we started noticing our SD card had a lot of corrupted data on it. Trying to copy the data over to our Wii doesn't work and we're left with the chore of downloading all of these corrupted games again.

What bugs us, though, is that the possibility of other games being corrupted is so high on the charts that re-downloading these games seems like a futile effort. So, what are we supposed to do? Wait until we feel like playing them and then decide to download them, right then and there? Sadly, yes ...

Any of you run into this problem? Has the data been corrupted on the Wii itself?

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