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Chattanoogans to get Bus-Fi, contactless payment options on CARTA

Darren Murph

Although Bus-Fi is no stranger to San Francisco, it'll be new to Chattanooga, Tennessee soon enough. Reportedly, the Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) will be implementing "its long-planned Smartbus program" which includes "automatic vehicle locating via GPS and an automatic vehicle management system." More interesting, however, is the new WiFi system that will enable riders on CARTA buses, CARTA shuttle buses, CARTA Care-a-van vehicles or even the Incline Railway access to free internet. Additionally, users will even be able to "use credit cards and new smartcard technology, one which uses contactless proximity cards to pay bus fares" starting next Spring. As for the free WiFi, expect that to be available sometime over the next 15 months as the new services are gradually added to CARTA vehicles.

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