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Consumer check: Halo 3 limited edition may have scratched discs


It may be worth opening up your limited edition Halo 3 case (with camera in hand) while in the store tonight and make sure the disc isn't scratched before walking out. Although it originally started as a NeoGaf post (pictured), GameDaily now reports that three of their own staff members also received scratched discs in the limited edition case. The issue apparently only pertains to the limited edition version of the game which retails for $70, allegedly the nub holding the discs in place isn't working properly and the discs are tossed around inside the case during transport.

The standard edition and the legendary edition (the Master Chief head one) don't appear to be affected by this issue. All this means is that for those of you who ordered the limited edition, just make sure to check your discs before you leave the store. Please make sure to take deep breaths if your game disc is scratched, you'll hopefully be able to hand the defective product back immediately for a full refund. Remember, the key is to play the game, not obsess over the box it comes in. Focus on the priority.

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