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Freak out: Halo 3 arrives tonight

Justin McElroy

So, yeah, we had some fun with the new release list this week, but it's impossible to deny: those of us whose 360s aren't in the shop are super excited about Halo 3's release -- just hours away. You've read the reviews (and the pre-review; our actual review is coming soon), you've seen the good and not-so-good promos, you've even imbibed the soda. But now, it's time to actually play the game.

We wanted to create this post to give you a space to share how you'll be spending the evening. Are you you doing the midnight thing? Are you lining up already and reading this on a cell phone? Are you going to just eat some Chubby Hubby and cry yourself to sleep? Whatever, we just wanna hear about it. Because as of midnight tonight, it's on.

It's so very, very on.

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