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Peter Moore issued $22 million in EA stock

Kyle Orland

As if we needed more reasons to be insanely jealous of Peter Moore. Not only does the guy get a $1.5 million bonus and six-figure salary for jumping from Microsoft to EA Sports, now comes reports that the executive is making even more scratch off EA stock awards.

CNN/Money's "insider actions" table for Electronic Arts shows Moore receiving a whopping 400,000 shares in the company last week, a transfer worth upwards of $21 million. As if that weren't jaw-dropping enough, the stock has since gone up two points to $55.73 a share, earning Moore $800,000 in virtual money in just seven days. Nice work if you can get it.

We understand that stock ownership gives Moore a more personal stake in the success of the company, but we can't help but boggle at the worth EA is placing on having this one man lead one of their biggest divisions. Will having Moore at the helm really sell that many more copies of Madden? Here's hoping ... for the sake of Moore's stock value.

[Via CVG]

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