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Q4 of 2007 critical in format war

Steven Kim

A new study issued by Understanding & Solutions (U&S) concludes that the final quarter of 2007 will be pivotal for both HD DVD and Blu-ray. The study echoes the challenges outlined by the NPD Group study, but puts a more urgent tone on the whole war by stating that both formats could lose out if consumer confusion doesn't get resolved. By their numbers, U&S has Blu-ray accounting for two thirds of the HD disc sales in the US. But the recent HD DVD exclusivity announcements are a major PR coup which U&S sees as only serving to prolong consumer confusion and uncertainty. In the end, it's a familiar tune -- Blu-ray's seemingly larger support base can't keep the resilient HD DVD down. We agree that this holiday season will be critical for both formats, but we're also certain that neither side will be willing to back down come 2008, either.

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