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WoW Moviewatch: Redshift: Interlude

David Bowers

Redshift: Interlude is a prequel to the Redshift movie we posted for you a few days ago. Even though it has one character in common with the earlier story, the high elf Aislynn, it's really a story all its own. This Redshift series is shaping up to be about the ways in which predictions of the future influence the actual progression of events. At the end of this movie, there's even a hint of a future Redshift episode about a night elf, which looks interesting.

The maker of this movie, Sedrin, also did the astounding music video "Frame of Mind." He has an uncanny talent for making serious machinima credible and believable.

For those who are interested, "redshift" is also a scientific term that denotes the way in which stars traveling away from the observer are seen to be a bit redder than they actually are, because as they move away, the wavelength of the light they emit increases. This is just like the Doppler Effect, in which a car moving away from you has a deeper sound than a car moving towards you. In this story, though, it may be that "redshift" just refers to the way visions of the future seem to have this red tint over them -- yet on the other hand, perhaps there's something symbolic there too, that no matter how you look into the future, it will always be beyond your grasp.

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