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Best Buy's survey says, 90% still don't understand HDTV

Ben Drawbaugh

Best Buy has really stepped up their HDTV game, just about every store we've visited has more TVs than ever. There's big money in HDTVs and they're set to capitalize on it -- including having the best offering of High-Def movies and players. The problem is, most people still don't understand HD, and even when they think they've got the basics down, -- like 1080i and 720p -- they don't even realize what they don't know. Again, these surveys don't surprise us a bit, especially when the average Best Buy employee doesn't even know you can enjoy HD via clear QAM. The good news is that, they recognize the problem and with their HD Done Right educational campaign, they hope to spread the word for the need of a HD content provider (and STB), cables and why a surround sound system is more important than ever.

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