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Gearbox bringing Samba de Amigo sequel to Wii

Kyle Orland

Is it possible to have a rumored confirmation? If so, then consider this post a rumored confirmation that a new Samba de Amigo game is coming to the Wii. It's rumored because we haven't actually gotten our hands on the supposed source -- the latest issue of Nintendo Power, an alleged cover scan of which (above) is currently circulating around the internet . It's confirmation because numerous sources around the 'net are reporting the issue goes past the previous rumors and offers official confirmation that the game is in development from publisher Sega and new developer Gearbox Software (the Brothers in Arms guys).

The issue doesn't contain details on the gameplay, though the soundtrack will supposedly have "a mix of new and classic tunes." While we're a little apprehensive about FPS developer Gearbox's ability to take on the rhythm genre and the Wii remote's ability to accurately recreate the maraca-shaking of the Dreamcast original, we'll take what we can get when it comes to more monkeys with maracas.


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