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Halo 3 launch: New York City


Twisted are the hearts of gamers. Outside a passer-by purses her lips. "Eww, video games," she says with disgust. Inside, drunk off shots of Game Fuel, Halo Nation is shopping late.

On Monday, Microsoft, Bungie, Spike TV, and G4 descended on Best Buy in Midtown Manhattan to launch Halo 3. Master Chief was there, and his double, along with Ludacris and his DTP clique -- even the King popped in for a photo op. A few short blocks of Fifth Avenue traffic was diverted to make way for a pack of Mongooses and a Halo 3-branded Hummer transporting a UNSC squad and a crate of games -- not to worry, there were plenty more copies stacked inside. The crowd erupted.

They came to show support, to cop free swag, maybe get on TV. They came for Halo 3. And it was delivered.

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