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Activision acquires PGR4 dev Bizarre Creations


Bizarre Creations, best known for Geometry Wars and the Project Gotham Racing series, has been acquired by Activision. The first Bizarre Creations game to be published under Activision isn't expected until 2009. In the meantime, Bizarre Creations will complete work on Project Gotham Racing 4 for Microsoft and The Club for Sega. It's always difficult to see an independent developer snapped up by a big publisher, though Bizarre Creations is quick to allay the fears of fans. A blog post on the Bizarre Creations website promises that Activision will have a "hands off" relationship with the company and that all the teams will remain intact. As the post puts it, "We won't become Activision Liverpool or anything like that." Le's hope not. We all know what happened to Irrational.

So, Activision has reunited the Sex Pistols and purchased Bizarre Creations. What's next?

[Via Joystiq]

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