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DirecTV launches 21 new HD channels

Ben Drawbaugh

The day has finally come and only a week later than we originally thought. If your setup is up to it, you can now enjoy the 21 new HD channels -- four are new to just about everyone. The good news is that the HD channels are the same channel numbers as the SD equivalent, the bad news is that if you direct dial them you still have to hit the channel up button once to get the HD version, which means that most people won't ever see them. Yes, we've personally witnessed people watch an SD channel when the HD was available, just because they were on the wrong channel. If the SD channel is included in your service plan then you'll get the HD one too. Here is the list of channels that are live now, we expect more to launch as we get closer to the end of the year.
  1. A&E (Channel 265)
  2. Animal Planet (Channel 282)
  3. Big Ten Network (Channel 220)
  4. CNN (Channel 202)
  5. The Discovery Channel (Channel 278)
  6. The History Channel (Channel 269)
  7. The Movie Channel East (Channel 544)
  8. NFL Network (Channel 212)
  9. Showtime West (Channel 540)
  10. Showtime too (Channel 538)
  11. The Smithsonian Channel (Channel 267)
  12. The Science Channel (Channel 284)
  13. Starz Comedy (Channel 519)
  14. Starz East (Channel 522)
  15. Starz West (Channel 540)
  16. Starz Edge (Channel 520)
  17. Starz Kids and Family (Channel 518)
  18. TBS (Channel 247)
  19. TLC (Channel 280)
  20. Versus / The Golf Channel (Channel 604)
  21. The Weather Channel (Channel 362)

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