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Patch 2.3 and you: PvP edition


The patch 2.3 lovefest continues with some PvP action, starting off with the Arena. Blue posters Drysc and Kalgan have released information about Season 3 and what changes will be for it in patch 2.3:

Season 3:
  • The Rating (not the points) required to purchase Season 3 weapons will be 1850.
  • The Rating required to purchase Season 3 shoulders will be 2000.
  • The Rating will not be required to wear the items, just to initially purchase them.
  • The Personal Rating will be used to purchase the items, not the team rating.

Personal Rating System:

  • It will be introduced in patch 2.3 and will be used in Season 3, which makes it sound like Season 3 will begin when 2.3 is released.
  • The Personal Rating will be unique for each team the character belongs to.
  • It will rise and fall using the same formula as the Team Ratings.
  • It will only be affected by the games that the player plays in, not all team games.
  • Eligibility for end of season rewards will be determined by the Personal Rating, which must be within 100 of the team's rating.
  • It can't be padded by joining a new team. The Personal Rating will reset for the bracket when a new team is joined.
Nethaera has also stated other PvP changes are due for us in the next patch:

  • There are more undisclosed changes coming to AV in patch 2.3.
  • All battlegrounds will have a "free" buff period before the start of battle and briefly after being resurrected by the Spirit Guide, like the Arena.
Also, Drysc says that Honor system purchased boots, belts and bracers will be upgraded in the future, though he did not specifically say when. And he says there will be BG Daily Quests:

Daily Quests:
  • They will target a random battleground each day.
  • You get them from Alliance Brigadier Generals and Horde Warmasters near the Battle Masters in all major capitals.
  • The quests will reward gold, experience and honor.
  • You can do the quests as soon as you are high enough level to do the battlegrounds. So on WSG days, level 11 characters can do the daily quests.
It looks like they are really trying to limit the Arena gear to the players that have truly earned it, so that looking at player's shoulders will distinguish the highest rated players. Overall, these changes look like a step in the right direction. We'll be keeping an eye out for more PvP love should the blue postings continue.

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