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Patch 2.3 and you: Rogue edition

Eliah Hecht

My oh my, it's a veritable information storm out there in the forums. We've already talked about Shaman and Priest buffs in patch 2.3. Here are a few changes that are coming for the sneakier ones among us:

  • we actually have some changes coming in 2.3 for Deadly Throw. The speed at which it travels is being increased significantly, so it will reach your target much faster, and the snare duration is being increased slightly. One second longer if I remember correctly. (Drysc)
  • It won't be able to activate Ruthlessness anymore though, no more chain deadly throws. (Kalgan)
  • Do you mean the amazing change to Shadowstep so that it can now be used at any time, not only while stealthed? In addition, after use of Shadowstep threat caused by the next Ambush, Garrote or Backstab will be reduced by 50%. The cooldown will however be increased to 40 seconds.

    Also on the Subtlety front is a change to Dirty Deeds so that it will also be increasing damage of special attacks by 10/20% against targets that are below 35% health.

    We're also taking a look at bumping up Hemorrhage a bit, but no details yet on what that may be. (Drysc)
  • Fleet Footed will now be a 15% speed increase instead of 8%. (Kalgan)
  • In 2.3 Blind will no longer require a reagent. It will also be changed to a physical attack, will share the same diminish category as Cyclone, and diminish in PvE as well as PvP. (Drysc)
  • we've updated [Blind] to be a ranged physical attack (also no longer counts as a poison) (Kalgan)
That's quite a bit of stuff. I'm especially pleased to see Shadowstep increased in viability, so I no longer have to wince whenever a SS rogue joins one of my groups. Deadly Throw gets both a buff and a nerf, which I suppose will make it more generally useful, but less useful in the specific case of DT kiting. The Dirty Deeds buff is extremely interesting; +10% when the target is below 35% translates to a 3.5% increase in damage overall to special attacks, which is not at all shabby for one talent point (and that's not even including DDs' current, lackluster effect of energy reduction on CS and Garotte). As for the Blind changes, all I have to say is that it's about time. I have no opinion on Fleet Footed, since I've never used it, but maybe someone else does.

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