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Perry: If Nintendo sees you as a threat, they'll wipe you out


David Perry, who should sound familiar to you Earthworm Jim fans out there, sat down with to conduct a nice little interview. GI grilled him on all of the current consoles on the market, eventually coming to Nintendo's newest console, the Wii. What Perry had to say, however, might not be what we all wanted to hear.

In regards to the competition of Nintendo's first-party titles, Perry states "You have to allow for that. You can't assume it is going to be like the other platforms, because you are going to have Nintendo taking most of the sales. And if Nintendo really sees you as a threat, they will take the moves to wipe you out. They are not going to let you win." Kind of makes Nintendo sound like the mafia or something, wouldn't you say?

Perry also talks about Nintendo's new winning attitude, stating that the ease of use of the Wii is what is bringing them all of this new fortune. Perry compares them to Apple, saying "What matters is the fact that things are easy to play. Hopefully, everyone heeded the Nintendo message. Easy to play is very important in this industry. Does anyone get that yet? You can go back to Apple, who taught us the same thing. Time after time after time they put out a new iPod with the same controls. Why? Because adding ten more buttons, which would have been very tempting and very easy to do, would have made it more complex. Keeping that system, that round dial that does everything magically, is part of the proof that making things easier sells."

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