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Sharp kicks out BD-AV1, BD-AV10 Blu-ray recorders


If that 1TB-packin' Blu-ray recorder Sharp announced earlier today is just a tad out of your reach, you might want to consider one of the company's also-just-announced hard drive-less recorders, which'll let you get your Blu-ray recording fix for about half the price. Available in a range of colors, the AQUOS BD-AV1 and BD-AV10 recorders look to be identical in most respects, with the notable exception of added dual-layer recording on the BD-AV10 model. Otherwise, each unit packs a single digital TV tuner, along with a lone HDMI port, a FireWire port, and some plain old composite ports to accommodate your older gear. If that's enough to make you forget about the lack of a hard drive, you'll be able to grab either unit at the end of next month, with the BD-AV1 setting you back ¥100,000 and the BD-AV10 running ¥120,000 (or roughly $865 and $1,040).

[Via I4U News]

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