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The public has spoken, voice recognition is the winner

Steven Kim

There's definitely a science to wording polls in order to bias an outcome. But an open-ended question can generate stranger results than a carefully crafted one. Case in point: Westinghouse's HDTV Insights Poll, which asked 1,200 consumers "If you could design a TV yourself, what would you add?" And the top answer was (drum roll, please)... voice recognition. Huh? We've got to wonder where the 1,200 respondents came from. Seriously, of the top responses listed, only "120Hz refresh rate" has anything to do with picture quality. All the other features, including voice recognition, are all about convenience. It's a real slap in the face for us HD die hards -- while we obsess over image quality and tech specs, everybody else is wishing for a smarter version of "The Clapper." We'll be taking up "voice recognition" as our battle cry for spreading the word on image quality.

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