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Two Bosses Enter: Baron Geddon vs. Lady Vashj


Welcome to another edition of Two Bosses Enter, WoW Insider's series of fantasy boss deathmatches. Every week we pair up two new bosses from the World of Warcraft and pit them against one another in a fight to the death -- and eventually, one will walk away the ultimate winner. This week we're considering a fight between one of Ragnaros' many minions in the Molten Core -- Baron Geddon -- and Serpentshrine Cavern's own Lady Vashj. Though these bosses come from vastly different level instances, don't let that fool you -- we're here to talk theorycraft, and that means considering how these two bosses would realistically fare against one another and not just making a list of everyone's hit points and damage ranges. So are you curious about these two bosses -- or already have an opinion? Keep reading for more info and your chance to vote.

As a fire elemental, Geddon's primary source of damage is unsurprisingly fire-based. (Feel free to debate all you wish in the comments about whether or not Lady Vashj has a set of fire resist gear for such an occasion -- I'm guessing she doesn't.) He has three main methods of attack:
  • Inferno: An AoE attack that radiates outward from Geddon and pulses ten times over ten seconds, doing more fire damage with each pulse.
  • Ignite Mana: A DoT that burns a player's mana and health in equal amounts.
  • Living Bomb: Geddon may pick any of his opponents and occasionally turning them into a living bomb. After a moment, the target will explode, causing damage to themselves and anyone nearby.
If anyone gets close to taking Geddon down (by bringing him down to 2% health), Geddon will "perform one last service for Ragnaros" -- exploding, and doing more than enough fire damage to any player in the vicinity to keep them from causing further trouble for anyone else. Because of this, there's a chance this fight, if close, could end in a draw.

Lady Vashj relies on a combination of melee, ranged, and magic damage to take on her opponents. Since we're considering these fights to take place on neutral ground, with neither party having home court advantage, we're going to talk about Vashj's own attacks, and not her numerous helpers within Serpentshrine or her handy shield (basically, we're skipping phase 2). But even without these considerations, Vashj is no pushover, and has access to some powerful attacks:
  • Shoot/multishot: From range, Vashj can shoot single or multiple targets with her bow.
  • Shock Burst: Nature damage plus a 5-second stun.
  • Entangle: Roots the target in place and does nature damage over time.
  • Static Charge: Does nature damage to te target and anyone in the veciinty of the target.
  • Forked Lightning: More nature damage, targeting anyone in front of Lady Vashj.
I can certainly see th advantage for Vashj here in that she could root Geddon and attack from a distance -- but Geddon could also burn her mana and constantly hit her with the "Living Bomb" debuff. So I'm asking you, dear readers, who do you would emerge the winner of this week's battle?


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