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    Gateway One review roundup

    Nilay Patel

    The first reviews of the Gateway One are starting to trickle in, and while the sexy all-in-one is garnering universal praise for its sleek, accessible design and innovative power brick breakout box, it looks like beauty's only skin-deep in this case: both Computer Shopper and CNET found the machine's performance to lag behind competitors like the 20-inch iMac, with Computer Shopper saying that looks aside, the One is just a "regular midrange PC." Other annoyances included the smallish 1440 x 900 19-inch screen, which CNET says lacks "pop," and the odd decision to break the webcam out into an easily-lost attachment. All that aside, however, both reviewers found it hard to argue with the direction Gateway's gone with the One -- it seems like the iMac finally has some serious competition.

    Read -- Computer Shopper review (7.9 out of 10)
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