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iPhoneSimFree-unlocked iPhones require AT&T SIM to reactivate

Chris Ziegler

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As we're sure a few readers have noticed, unlocked iPhones upgraded to 1.1.1 today aren't exactly unlocked anymore. Unlocking aside, the jailbreaking procedure that was used to load pretty much every application onto firmwares of old isn't working at the moment, so it seems the community's got a little work ahead of it in the next few hours. In the meantime, though, iPhoneSimFree has updated its site with the results of preliminary testing on the latest revision. The good news for buyers is that they apparently aren't getting the "Incorrect SIM" lockdown messages being observed by some anySIM users -- the bad news, though, is that you've gotta reactivate the darned thing with your original AT&T SIM after the upgrade takes place, then you're cool after that. Until the jailbreak is reestablished, activations won't be possible with alternative SIMs. EDGE usage looking a little lighter at the moment, there, T-Mobile?

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