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Unreal Tournament 3 gets PC collector's edition

Jason Dobson

This November PC gamers will have a choice to make: settle for the regular edition of Unreal Tournament 3 ($50), or fork over just a bit more for the newly announced collector's edition, which comes in an obligatory tin case.

For an extra $10, Midway is packing in an art book detailing the game's vehicles, characters, weapons and environments, as well as a bonus DVD featuring "in depth" Unreal Engine 3 Toolkit video tutorials, an Unreal Tournament retrospective, and a look behind the scenes at the making of UT3.

This special edition is expected to be available in the US on November 19 alongside the regular, non-tin version, while Midway adds that both will also be released in the UK, Europe, South Africa, Russia, Australia and "most other territories."

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