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Verizon details aplenty: the U550, U700, and VX8800

Chris Ziegler

Alright, we think can pretty clearly order these three by excitement factor and expect a minimal amount of disagreement. phoneArena's pulled together a garden variety of new information on three upcoming models for Verizon: the U550 and U700 from Samsung along with the the VX8800 from LG. The U550 should succeed the U540 when it materializes in early 2008; as best as we can tell there's nothing here to get too excited about unless midrange flips are your thing. The rumored U700 comes around a little sooner, apparently seeing availability early next month -- and looking well deserving of its "Gleam" moniker, may we add. Finally, we learn the gorgeous VX8800 turns out to be equipped with a 2 megapixel camera (sans flash or autofocus), sports a leather-like rear to match its high end appearance, and should include two themes for those looking to get as far, far away from the standard Verizon theme as possible. Any guesses which model we find the most exciting?

Read - Samsung U550
Read - Samsung U700
Read - LG VX8800

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