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Beta Beat: Packrat developer seeks beta users


Rod over at Infinite NIL is looking to test the latest version of Packrat (the offline client for Backpack, 37 Signals' online organization software), and if you turn out to be a "useful" tester, there could be a free license in it for you.

The new version will synch right up with the latest build of Backpack, and Rod says that it will now display your data from Backpack in the same order inside Packrat, a feature much called-for by its users. There's no release date on the new version, obviously, yet, but if you jump in as a beta tester and get issues noticed and fixed, we could be looking at it sooner than later.

Rod's email is over on the site. Drop him a line and be as helpful as you can-- he's offering free license to folks who help him even out the seams in the new software.

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