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Insider Trader: Here, fishy-fishy ...


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Amid all the hubbub over impending patch 2.3 changes, crafters could conceivably feel a little left out – that is, unless you're a fisher. Fishers (who tend to be a pretty chill crew, anyway) are already contentedly casting their lines with several small but relatively pleasing changes from patch 2.2. Newly announced improvements for patch 2.3 broadened those placid smiles into all-out grins as fishers anticipate a smoother, more user-friendly fishing experience.

Already in place is a fix to the problem introduced in patch 2.1, in which the bobber timing at the end of a cast period was preventing all but the quickest clickers from landing a catch. In the same line of Not Earthshattering But Basically Sweet™ changes, fishing lines now appear as you cast them, saving lots of time when you're waiting on schools. And the tool tip for the Aquadynamic Fish Attractor has been officially changed to indicate its new 10-minute duration, so fishers can quit losing sleep over whether or not the duration was an unintended buff they'd find whisked away some cold morning on the shores of Azshara.

What's ahead for fishing in 2.3, after the jump.

The most cheered piece of fishing news is easily the upcoming patch 2.3 addition of tracking for fishing schools. "Fishermen and Fisherladies will be able to track fishing nodes, similar to herbalism and mining," reported Drysc on Wednesday. "The ability will be learned from a journal you can find in fished-up crates." Finally! The search for Mr. Pinchy just got a wee bit easier.

Drysc also reports that patch 2.3 will bring new types of fish and related recipes. The new fish will be found near Karazhan and Zul'Aman. One of the recipes is a mana regen soup that's on par with Purified Draenic Water, notes Drysc, with a well-fed buff to top it off. Tasty!

Skilling up: catch more fish
We leave you today with a few thoughts on skilling up your fishing. Theories abound about the right places to fish at the right skill levels for the most points. The truth is that the strategy for gaining skill points in fishing is clear and simple: catch fish. And the catch is – there is no catch! Skill points are not based on the difficulty of the area in which you fish. It's entirely within the realm of possibility to level from 0 to 375 safely ensconced in a capital city (although the scenery may seem a little repetitive after that many hours and you won't catch a respectable variety of fish to sell and cook – you are leveling cooking along with your fishing, aren't you?).

Novice fishers will skill up rapidly on a relatively low number of catches. Skill-ups reach their first turning point at about 75, when you're likely to notice a definite decrease in the pace of skill points. By skill 200, you'll be gaining a skill point every half dozen casts or so; at 300, that increases to just over 10 casts and then to over 11 by 350ish. Petre of World of Warcraft Fishing estimates 800 successful casts to go from 300 to 375 fishing – all the more reason to enjoy the recent changes that take the tedium out of a relaxing and profitable profession.

Lisa Poisso is a writer and editor, when she's not slopping around a muddy shoreline searching for schools of fish.

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