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iStones: iPod docks in rock

Mat Lu

Sometimes you run across something that you just have to have. Back in the day when I bought my first generation iPod it was a solid machined aluminum "dock." Now my iPod dock lust has found another object; the i-Stones from Brand Incubator. The wabi (right) and sabi (left) are full-fledged docks with USB 2.0 and audio (and, on the sabi) video connections (though I doubt the video would be compatible with the 6G iPod Classic). They weigh in at over 3 and 5 pounds respectively.

Of course they seem to be a bit behind the times with the wabi and the flash site is mostly in Japanese so it's not clear how to order one of these beauties. Nonetheless, my desktop feng shui just cries out for one!

[via Freshpilot]

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