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Zelda Week: Do it yourself


One of the interesting things about fanaticism (we're definitely fanatics for all things Zelda) is how it invades every section of your life. From sketching pictures of green tunics in your notebook during class, right down to ensuring your children grow up with the same obsession as you (more on that in a bit). It's a wonderful, sometimes scary thing.

Let's see what that fanaticism does when people decide to go DIY.

The Link doll

First up we have this homemade Link doll. Made for little Ethan as a Christmas present, this Link is the product of love. It makes our heart all warm to see a young child sucked in take to Link so well. Look at him, he looks like he is the happiest kid in the world. Actually, he looks kind of afraid. But he's smart, because the Hylian Shield can block anything.

For those of you less concerned with the "awwww" factor and more concerned with the "how was it made" factor, there's a Picasa album up which documents the creation process and should provide you with a good idea on how to make one of your own.

Zelda clothes

Next up is a rather sweet looking shirt created by an eBay user. Brought to the table by Kotaku, their link is now dead, so we're forced to sit here and imagine how sweet it would've been to have bid, and won, the item. Of course, it would never fit us (we are neither a girl or in the size group of XS-M), but a guy can dream, can't he?

Link in papercraft form

While we lack of the delicate steadiness-of-hand required to create one of the find specimens of papercraft you see to the right, we admire those who can and silently hope to bring life out of dead wood ourselves one day. Oh how we wish to be skilled as such that we may make hordes of paper sculptures, designed after our most beloved gaming characters.

We'd probably then make them duke it out with our GI Joes. What? You don't play with GI Joes? Well, that's because you're a freak.

Link on a quilt

Finally, we have a bit of a professional DIY project. The quilt is of unparalleled quality. Taking several months (looks like it would've taken several years, it is seriously amazing), the end product is one of the most amazing Zelda tributes, if not general gaming homages, ever created.

It's about the coolest thing a mom ever did for her child (her child commissioned her to create the piece).

Well, aside from the whole birthing them thing ...

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