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Best Buy customer sues after being clobbered by falling TV


It looks like Texas Best Buy customer Sam Fisher recently found himself at the center of a slightly more perilous problem than a dubious intranet site, when an employee at the store accidentally dropped a 27-inch from the top shelf straight onto his head. Unsurprisingly, the man (no doubt already under distress from a barrage of "Where's your goggles?" jokes) is now suing Best Buy for gross negligence, although not the individual employee, who he says was simply following the store's policies. According to TG Daily, Fisher is alleging that Best Buy did not provide the proper training or necessary safety warnings, and that it has no official procedure for getting items down off a high shelf. As a result, he's seeking "exemplary damages" for Best Buy's "willful, wanton, and reckless disregard for the safety and welfare of its customers," although it's not been revealed exactly how exemplary those damages might be.

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