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Could Solid Snake have been a Plissken clone?

Chris Powell

It's never been a secret that Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid series was inspired by Kurt Russell's Snake and his exploits trying to escape a few cities, but we never really knew how close those similarities are until now. Aint it Cool News recently won an eBay auction for a previously unreleased and unapproved Escape from L.A. script. The site posted pieces of the script, and it's pretty amazing reading it as you can imagine several parts that could have easily have fit into a Metal Gear game.

Not only does the script describe several characters with super-human abilities, it also reveals that the movie's antagonist clones Snake in an attempt to create the world's most elite soldiers. Yeah shocking, right? Well, he also plans on "removing certain genetic limitations, and retaining the benefit of the memories and experiences of the original subject."

After this revelation, it's interesting to think just how closely the Metal Gear series could have followed Escape from L.A. if this script had been given the green light.

[via Level Up]

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