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Horizon Semiconductor's HD DVD/Blu-ray decoder on a chip

Steven Kim

If you're of the mind that a dual format HD DVD/Blu-ray player is the best way to hedge your bets in the format war, your choices are pretty few and far between. With any luck, Horizon Semiconductor's Hz7220 decoding system-on-a-chip will help bring more dual format players to the market. Sure, there's a lot more to engineering a dual-format HD player than just the decoding functions, but making all the decoding available in a single package makes the prospect a lot more attractive to potential ODMs and OEMs. The Hz7220 has a feature list that hits all the right marks, including: H.264; VC-1; MPEG-2; Thomson Film Grain Technology; DTS-HD; Dolby TrueHD; HDi; BD-J; DVI/HDMI+HDCP; and 1394+DTCP. To jump start the flood of dual format players we're hoping for, Horizon is also making a reference design kit available. No word on pricing, but we don't care -- just show us some dual format players!

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